Fuel Bar



Fuel Bar: Not Your Mama’s Meal Replacement Bar

Late for work or a meeting? No time for a sit-down meal? Need a healthy snack before dinner? These are common scenarios in today’s busy world. Feel The HORSEPOWER’s Fuel Bar is exactly what you need; it is made for sustained fuel to get you through the day. This meal replacement bar is not your ordinary bar however. Like all our other bars it is 66% dark chocolate coating a fruit gel, pack with grains, ginger, apricot, goji berries, kale, vitamins C & B12 & other organic naturals.

Whether you are an office worker running late, an athlete who needs sustained fuel, or maybe a mom taking 1 kid to karate, another to football, and the youngest to ballet, the Feel The HORSEPOWER Fuel bar is for you… and the kids.

Roll over each ingredient to view their healthy benefit