What is in our Bars?



Feel The HORSEPOWER bars are All-Natural Organic Chocolate Super Bars. We use 66% dark chocolate to coat our fruit gel, packed with vitamins and tasty nutrients. Did we forget to mention that it’s also full of probiotics? These are not your mama’s boring tasteless nutrition bars. Instead, we use the highest quality ingredients to provide a taste explosion in your mouth. Our ‘gel’ is what really sets us apart creating a slow release of nutrients to give you sustained energy.

Organic labels

BC 30 probiotic: It’s the good bacteria that good for your digestive system, and studies have shown that it survives 10 times better than yogurt and other leading probiotics.  Feel the Horsepower supports an easy and convenient way for you to get BC 30 probiotic whenever you need!

USDA Organic: Our main goal is to achieve real benefits to consumers.  We use simple and organic ingredients instead of preservatives or harmful syrups.  Besides, our fruit gel is made from natural and organic fruit pieces and juice concentrates.

Non-GMO project certified: Knowing whether food is produced without GMOs is important to you. We have enrolled our products, which always made without GMO ingredients, in the Non-GMO Project.  This third party certification will provide you with additional assurance that our products are produced without harmful ingredients.

Certified naturally grown: We get our ingredients from only naturally certified farms!  CNG proves our farmers growing without the use of pesticides or fungicides.  It doesn’t get any fresher than if you grow it yourself.