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As an avid motorcyclist Gina knew the physical challenges of long-distance travel.  When she stopped to get gas and a quick bite she saw the same pattern: potato chips, soda, sugar-filled energy drinks, and cup noodles.  None of these items gave her the energy needed to ride for hours at a time.  On top of that they made her feel terrible.  She thought to herself: “Why not come up with something that was lightweight, delicious and nutritious?”  And that’s where “Feel The Horsepower” came from!  With the help of local Artesian chefs she was able to create a confectionery opus.


About Open Road Incredible Edibles-Feel The Horsepower Superfood Chocolate Bars

At Open Road Incredible Edibles we like to keep our engines clean and our tanks full.  The motto is the same for our bodies.  We are on a journey to deliver high-octane, powerhouse health bars that are that are packed with lip-smackingly delicious all natural non-gmo ingredients.  Clean label snacks to fill your tank wherever the road may take you.  Why shouldn’t healthy food also taste excellent?  We eliminate harsh chemicals and leave high quality, mouth-watering chocolate covered energy.  Our mission is to create great-tasting, locally sourced treats that are also a treat for you and your families bodies.

Open Road Incredible Edibles is a start-up specializing in artisan, handcrafted, all natural organic performance-enhancing confectionery bars.  Our product line includes an energy bar—Think “5 Hour Energy©“, a meal supplement bar and a sports bar—High in electrolyte replacement.  The diversity of our products makes us appealing to a huge demographic.  Students to athletes, motor sports to daily drivers, stay at home moms to the professional office worker.  Our commitment to using sustainable organic ingredients, hiring local people to craft our product, and our hands-on approach to production sets us apart from the competition.

 Our vision is to rid the world of poor tasting performance enhanced confectionery bars full of chemical ingredients and a bunch of added sugar.  We strive to provide a healthy, all natural organic product with high quality ingredients to the masses.  We want to change the industry and the way people think of healthy nutritional food.  Why does healthy food have to taste bland or bad?  Why can’t it be good looking and taste great at the same time?  We want to be the name people think of when they think of healthy food.  We want to be the “Nike” of the performance enhanced confectionery bar world.

Vision Statement:

Provide a healthy, all natural, organic, performance enhancing confectionery bar to the world.

Mission Statement: 

It is the mission of Open Road Incredible Edibles to produce the finest performance enhancing confectionery bars.