Food Hacks – Himalayan Salt Block!

Food Hacks – Himalayan Salt Block!


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Backyard grilling is a symbol of American past time.  There’s nothing like spending time with your family on a summer evening and cooking up mouth-wateringly tasty burgers or steak.  What we don’t like about grills (and cooking in general) is the maintenance.  After cooking you have to clean up charcoal residue, scrape the shelves, fill up/replace gas canisters, get replacement parts, and so on.  Some days can even be ruined by the weather (please don’t grill outside when it is storming)!  What if there was an option that could be portable, low maintenance, and naturally enhance your food’s taste?  That person would be a billionaire!  Well there is.  The solution: Himalayan Salt Blocks.


Himalayan salt comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan.  This stunningly beautiful pink mineral has a lot of benefits (information from

  1. Adds healthy minerals to your food – Himalayan salt health benefits include balancing your body’s pH, stabilizing hydration levels, improving digestion, and reducing acid reflux.  Amount of salt absorbed depends on many factors – moisture level, thickness and oil content of the food being prepared as well as the temperature of the block.
  2. More complex taste than regular salt – In addition to NaCl (plain table salt) Himalayan salt has over 80 trace minerals and other elements.  This makes it much healthier and adds a complex flavor.
  3. Naturally anti-microbial surface – You’ll never have to worry about germs on a Himalayan salt block.  This is due to low porosity and moisture retention of the salt which creates a naturally anti-microbial environment.
  4. Superior heat distribution – Heat spreads evenly through the entire block instead of radiating out from the middle and cooling towards the edges.  Food prepared on the block will cook at the same pace whether it’s in the exact center, in a corner or anywhere in-between.
  5. Holds temperature longer – Due to crystalline structure, Himalayan salt blocks hold their temperate whether hot or cold longer than other cooking and serving surfaces.  You won’t have to worry about your food prepared on the salt block being too cold or hot while you finishing other accompanying dishes.


Here at Open Road Incredible Edibles we enjoy all things organic and natural.  Gina decided to put her salt block to the test yesterday.  Using just extra virgin olive oil she prepared chicken and vegetables.  We could definitely taste the difference!  Throw all that into some lettuce mix and you’ve got yourself a delicious chicken salad.  Get your own salt block and start experiment with different vegetables and meats.  Pricing for salt blocks can be purchased as low as $21!  Have fun experimenting.

Do you have any cool tips and tricks using a Himalayan salt block?  How about some crazy good steak kebab recipes?  Please share and comment with your friends!  Want more exciting news from Team Feel The Horsepower?  Follow us on our other social media platforms!

As always, eat clean!


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